Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Blog Digs, and some additional info

Hi All! I will try to post her periodically but it may end up more of the ramblings of my mind than my blog because I have new digs for my photography blog. It is now linked into my new website. Anne Elliott Photography Blog

But, just a little bit about what has been going on. Went on a recent photo walk with some friends at White Rock Lake. Got some great new stuff, and some of it is posted on my website today. I also have some bluebonnet photos I need to edit, but all in good time.

Events coming up(in no particular order):
April 27th: Relay For Life - Wylie, Sachse, Murphy. I'll be walking all night along with my team for American Cancer Society. I will also be doing event photography. Looking forward to sharing my talents with others to honor my Cousin Bob.

April 21st: Warrior Dash - Sorry folks no photos of this other than what I may capture on my phone, and possibly my small quick shot. I'm running this one with my hubby, and some friends. Looking forward to getting muddy, and showing my stronger warrior side this year.

May 5th ; It's my hubbies birthday...sshhh...don't tell him that he's getting old. lol.

Senior Portrait Stylings
Engagement Photography
Prints For Purchase on my Website - I will be setting up a shopping cart, and you will soon be able to purchase prints for art use. I will have prints, framed prints, gallery wrapped canvases, and gift cards to start. More products coming soon. :-)

I guess that is all for now. Go over to the link above and check out my new blog. Or head over to my website Anne Elliott Photography and check out my galleries. Looking forward to watching what I love grow into a fruitful tree. Much love to you all!!


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March In To Spring with This Special

Happy Leap Day!! The March special is here! For the month of March only. Free session! Just pre pay your minimum $50 order at the time you schedule, and your session is free! Much Love from The Studio! -Anne

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RFL Kick Off and "The Light"

The last couple years I have participated in Relay For Life. An all night walk to raise money for American Cancer Society. I'm blessed to be part of a wonderful team, The Wylie Mom's. Each year we have out down ourselves with our fundraising, and we hope to do the same again. This year I am volunteering my photographic talents to capture the moments of the evening as well as the big kick off event. It was a beautiful Saturday, and we are off to a great start.
This all started for me as a fun way to participate in a charitable fundraiser with my friends. And then a couple years ago my Cousin Bob found out his cancer was back. He had survived cancer as a kid, but the radiation that saved Bob camed back to haunt him later in life. Cancer came back with a vengence, and took from this world one of the greatest photographers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I regret that I never had the chance to shoot with Bob. That being said, I can't help but sometimes feel a greater force guiding me on this journey. It is easy to be sad when a person leaves us in this life to journey into the beyond.
My final photo of this blog I dedicate to Bob. I call it "The Light". "The Light" burns for all those we love that battle this awful disease, and continues to burn for those we have lost.

If you would like to make a donation to support me in my walk this year, please go to my page:

Monday, January 9, 2012

When Photogs Walk

New Year's Eve....
High Noon....
A group of geeky photogs gather in the parking lot of Oddfellows. We get sneered at, and informed we are blocking the sidewalk. No matter! We have gear in hand, and soon people are avoiding us as if we are paparazzi. This lovely group are my friends, and we are about to embark on a walk through one of Dallas's finest gems, The Bishop Arts District.

The Bishop Arts district is a mini Austin Sixth Street in our very own Oak Cliff. OK! I know! I say "Oak Cliff" and instantly, if you know Dallas, the mind flips to a "bad part of town", and run down houses. Fear not my friends!! You will indeed find yourself safe here. You will also find a host of glorious little stores filled with trinkets galore, and restaurants with some of the finest food in this town. Eno's, Oddfellow's, The Soda Factory, and Dude, Sweet Chocolate to name a few.

Together with my dozen photog friends, we explored a bit of the area and shot some great photos on this beautiful and unseasonably warm New Years Eve. Fun was had for all! If you get a chance, travel over to The Bishop Arts District. You won't be disappointed.
To see more of my work, go to my website

Friday, January 6, 2012


It morphs! It grows! It becomes mine! My dreams of my heart are becoming my reality. I'm thrilled beyond measure. So blessed by those that keep pushing me to follow these dreams. I love you all!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


So yesterday I had a little alone time while my husband took my daughter to the Barcelona game at Cowboy Stadium. Me time = CAMERA TIME!! Glorious un-interrupted camera time. So I loaded up and headed out to run an errand Tifosi sunglasses from Run ON! Love these sunglasses! Anyway... afterward I was pondering where to wander in the car looking for interesting subject matter when I remembered these bronze cattle I saw a couple weeks ago up at The Shops at Legacy. Who wouldn't want to play with giant cattle statues? Ok...some of you might not, but I love this kind of subject matter since they don't move, and I can set up the shots. Lay on the ground under them, etc. So a little more can find these magnificent creatures on Bishop just off Legacy.

What I discovered that I didn't notice last time was the very cool, very OLD cemetery that is right there. Baccus Cemetery The photos in that link doesn't do any justice for the intrigued it offers now with it's fancy gate, and historical marker. Unfortunately mid day light didn't offer much for shooting within the cemetery, but if you like to wander these places, the headstones are interesting. Dating back to the 1800's.

Without further ado...MOOOOOOOOO!

I'm not sure we saw eye to eye entirely but the detail in these creatures is fantastic!

I'm fascinated by trees, and this seems to be one of my favorite perspectives. Nothing like getting up close and personal with a tree! I think a shot like this with a person peeking over the top would be fun to do. I just gotta find someone willing to climb and peer over.

I kept circling and dancing with this tree until I found where the light could peer down on me. Lens flair...sure, but I think it gives a feeling of a greater beyond. God shining down on us.

This statue was actually a cowboy on a horse roping one of the cattle. I'd show you the other version, but I think this one leaves more to the imagination.

Finally....yes...I was laying on the ground here. The artist who did these is phenomenal. The attention to detail exquisite. Add some sun, a little blue sky, gorgeous green trees, and VOILA! Magic! So much Fun!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More of my Work....(Growing)

Manual! Shoot in manual my friend said! And so I borrowed her book, and thus began the journey that is what you see. All my photos up to now have been take with auto settings on my camera. The ones that are supposed to be "dummy proof". These are from a sunset practice session. More to come!!!